How Retaining Wall Landscaping Can Improve Your Waco Lawn

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How Retaining Wall Landscaping Can Improve Your Waco Lawn

If you’re looking to add interesting features to your Waco lawn, retaining wall landscaping could be exactly what you’re looking for! Retaining walls are multi-functional, eye-catching, and in some situations, they can even help preserve your lawn’s natural beauty.

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Five Great Reasons to Invest in Retaining Wall Landscaping

1 – Soil retention

Retaining walls serve a very practical purpose. If some of your lawn is on a slope, weathering effects can cause the grass and soil to wash away. A retaining wall prevents this from happening, holding the landscaping in place, and maintaining the look of your lawn. They can also be used to prevent water runoff, which could potentially be a problem for homes on lower elevations.

However, even if you have a flat property, there are plenty of other reasons to consider retaining walls.

2 – Partitioning

If you have a larger lawn that you’d like to break up into multiple zones – such as separating the children’s play area from your barbecue/grilling area – retaining walls are a beautiful and stylish way of breaking up the landscape. Plus, they’re typically low enough that you can keep an eye on all areas of the lawn.

3 – Lighting options

A retaining wall can be beautiful by day, but the right lighting can make it spectacular at night. Whether you’re installing electric lanterns or similar display pieces along the top, stringing lights along the sides in the winter, or adding footlights for dramatic shadowing, a retaining wall opens up amazing new options for landscape lighting.

4 – More outdoor seating areas

Do you like to host outdoor parties? Retaining walls are great for defining a dining area, with accompanying tables and chairs. The walls help make it feel intimate and cozy, like an exclusive outdoor cafe, but without your lawn feeling like it’s cluttered by furniture.

5 – Pure artistry

Retaining walls as an artistic statement are growing in popularity. Even if you don’t have a need for retaining walls, adding them to your property ensures your landscape is unique and eye-catching!

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