Why Winter is the Best Time to Trim Trees in Texas

Had a large old Ligustrum ‘shrub’ that turned into a tree that was blocking too …
December 10, 2016
Why Winter is the Best Time to Trim Trees in Texas | Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape
December 13, 2016


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    Winter is a joyous time of year when Texans struggle with windshield ice, buy ridiculously bulky coats to stay warm and wait for what feels like forever for their vehicles to heat up. Despite these wintertime pleasantries, the cold months are an opportune time for landscapers to trim most tree varieties. While homeowners can have their trees trimmed year-round, various threats make wintertime pruning more prudent.

    Regular tree trimming is important since consistent pruning trains foliage for healthy growth even among saplings – or young thin trees, and winter is the opportune time to have trees trimmed. Although many property owners do not think of wintertime to deal with landscaping, the fallen leaves allow landscapers to view structural weaknesses clearly and perform any necessary maintenance. This also reveals overlapped and rubbing branches.

    Typically, spring is the most damaging time of year for property owners to have their trees trimmed. This is when trees revitalize with nutrients stored during the winter months. Tree trimming can lead to lost nutrients during spring pruning, and the foliage may suffer from shrinkage and other damage.

    Property owners can have their trees trimmed any time of year, but regular winter trimming usually results in healthy growth during the spring months – when trees naturally flourish – and can prevent various diseases that can more easily spread when pruning during growth season.

    A skilled landscaper will schedule trimming when it is healthiest for the tree. Competent landscapers schedule most pruning during winter or just before the trees sprout their leaves in spring. These experts also know when to trim which trees. Contact Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape to beautify your tree line during the perfect time of year – wintertime!