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First impressions are important. Create a warm and inviting environment for your family, guests, employees, or clients at your home or business with professional landscaping design and installation. At Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape, we can help you unlock the full potential of your front and back yard with unique custom designs or completely redo your current landscaping to match the look and feel you want for your residential or commercial property.

We specialize in designing and installing landscapes for new residential or commercial construction as well as revamping tired and overgrown landscapes. Our extensive experience working on challenging landscaping projects means we know how to refine and enhance landscape designs to complement the unique characteristics of each property. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable designers have an exacting eye for detail allowing us to blend practicality and creativity to achieve an all-round allure of beauty, form and function.

Our Winning Landscape Installation & Design Process

Every successful project is the result of good planning – our landscape design process is no different. We start by understanding your vision for the yard including your needs and wishes both in the short term and long-term.

During this process, we will;

  • Take note of the views. We look for the views that need to be accentuated as well as those that need to be downplayed.
  • Create flowing spaces. Special care is taken in making the outdoor space flow with the existing architecture while also separating and distinguishing areas for different uses.
  • Vertical area. We consider the use of the area above ground plane including power lines, tree canopies, arbors etc. We create shade or eliminate it as needed. We also examine raised planting beds, the grade of patios as well as the use of steps and walls.
  • Plant choices and layout. We look at the ideal choice and layout of plants that will complement the aesthetics of the site and property. We consider, complementary and contrasting color, seasonal bloom, size, shape, sun exposure, texture, soil moisture, drainage and pest resistance. The same also applies to material choices.
  • Lighting plan. According to individual preferences, we can create a lighting scheme that accentuates the landscape and extends its use into the nighttime.
  • Maintenance requirements. We can design a unique landscape that aligns with your level of desired upkeep.
  • Budget restrictions. All the factors are considered and implemented within your desired budget limits for the project and into the future in the form of maintenance and upgrades.

Our lawn landscaping designers then consolidate and articulate your ideas as well as their complimentary design ideas into an executable plan ready for your consideration. They can also create full 3D design models at a fee to help you get a more realistic look and feel of the design. We welcome thoughts and questions regarding the design and will adjust to accommodate changes until you find a design that works for you. Our lines are always open if you need to change or adjust anything on the design.

Retaining Wall Installation, Building, & More! 

Now the fun begins! Our dedicated and experienced crew move forward transforming your vision into reality.

If you are looking to create a unique landscape for your residential or commercial property or redo your current landscaping but don’t know where start, talk to one of our designers today. We will help you consolidate your dream and vision into a workable design before our crew can transform your yard into a true statement of beauty, function and form. We also offer professional services in Artificial Turf, Water Features, Hardscape & Retaining Walls, Landscape Lighting as well as Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems. Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape is your full-service provider for all your landscaping needs in small and big projects.

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