Water Features like Ponds, Fountains, Patio Fountains and Waterfalls Turn Your Backyard into a Peaceful Haven

Transform your backyard into a peaceful retreat with soothing water sounds and movements. Provide a peaceful and inviting environment for your family, friends or employees with a wide assortment of uniquely designed water features. Be it a pond, waterfall or patio fountain, we can help you create a slice of paradise on your property or help move water where you want it to go.

Why You Need to Install Water Features on Your Yard

There is something about moving water that can be very soothing. Even something as simple as a trickling fountain can transform your garden into a more peaceful and relaxing space. Water features make us feel closer or even one with nature. A properly designed and located water feature transforms an ordinary garden into a delightful sanctuary where you can take time off, wander off, or enjoy the sound and feel of nature. With improved technology and new, fresh architecture, water features are an important part of any garden.

Key benefits of having water features for your backyard

  • Highlights an otherwise underused space
  • Easy maintenance
  • Introduces a relaxing and peaceful aura
  • Many different types and style to choose from to complement architecture and environment
  • Can assist with moving water to desired locations

Different Types and Styles of Water Features

Water features can be anything from an elaborate fountain or waterfall design to a simple reflecting pond, stream, or drain. Here are some of the popular water features that can enhance your landscaping.

  • Patio Fountains

There is a limitless variety of fountains available in different sizes and shapes. The gentle sound of water splashing or tumbling from a fountain, together with the fine breeze carried by the wind brings a sense of calm and relaxation to any yard.

  • Ponds

Depending on what your vision is, there are various types of ponds to meet every need. Reflecting pools have geometric shapes and feature decorative features, ornamental ponds are typically located near a patio or deck, water gardens have living water features and vibrant aquatic life while fish ponds accommodate elegant fish.

  • Waterfalls

Waterfalls add sound, motion and vitality to your space. From elegant waterfalls that cascade down a decorative or rock grotto wall to subtle designs that capture the soothing sound of water, the options are endless.

  • Streams

Streams add character to walkways, pool decks and particularly meandering paths. They are also a nice addition to existing water features such as ponds or waterfalls by creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. Streams can be installed with fountains to keep them constantly flowing, or they can be built as aethetically pleasing drainage systems that simply move water where you want it to go during heavy rains.

Custom Water Features Inspired by Your Vision

Our team applies a rigorous process before settling on a design. Every water feature designed and installed by Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape is tailored to highlight and complement each individual property.

We use top-quality materials and components to deliver an aesthetically pleasing design that will also last you longer with minimal maintenance. We draw from your interests and desires and combine our expertise to deliver naturally accented features that blend into the surrounding landscape.

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