Lawn Care Services Waco TX

Lawn care for your Waco homestead means more than just an occasional mowing. Your front lawn is the royal carpet that welcomes neighbors and visitors to your home. Your back yard is the private sanctuary you and your family enjoy for entertaining, play, and relaxation. To preserve and increase property value, engage a quality lawn care service.

Residential Lawn Care Service Waco Texas

Essential Care

Trusting your lawn to a professional landscape and lawn service means more time to relax for you, while all the necessary lawn chores are done quickly and efficiently:

  • Mowing—Proper mowing at the perfect height can improve your lawn’s health
  • Edging—Neatly trimming around pavers, walkways, drives and paths show pride in your property
  • Sweeping—No stray lawn clippings, leaves or debris on your hardscaped surfaces or mulch beds
  • Fertilizing, seeding and feeding—From lime to fertilizer to grass seed at the proper time of the year, your Waco lawn will be lush and green
  • Weeding—A professional lawn care service can prevent weeds from invading your lawn and detracting from the beauty of your back yard

Additional Benefits

Your property is more than grass, of course, and a truly dedicated lawn care service will focus on each part of your lawn, to help your Waco home stand out as an oasis in your neighborhood:

  • Shrub and plant care—Proper pruning and mulching keeps plants thriving
  • Native flora—Respect Texas heritage and show pride in your property with water-conserving native plants
  • Flower beds—From weeding to seasonal replanting to provide beautiful color year round
  • Trees—An expert lawn care service can keep your trees healthy, trimmed and flourishing

Design Professionals

Lawn care service really begins with lawn design. By combining the strengths of landscape and hardscape design with lawn care service, Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape can help you solve lawn care challenges:

  • Erosion control—Prevent loss of precious topsoil with regular lawn care service
  • Grading and leveling—Protect your Waco home’s foundation with proper grading and fresh sod to hold moisture
  • Hardscaping—Ornamental boulders, retaining walls, pathways and patios can turn ugly bare dirt into inviting, easily maintained areas for relaxing, playing or partying

Whatever your imagination can conceive, Picture Perfect Lawn and Landscape can create especially for you, from a beautiful sweeping green lawn in front to a backyard that encourages family togetherness and fun. We can take the worry out of lawn upkeep by providing lawn care service in all seasons, freeing you to enjoy your Waco home and property.