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August 7, 2017
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What You Can Expect When Hiring Landscape Design Services

Are you about to redesign and spruce up your outdoor space? Landscape designers are the best way to ensure your vision is executed to perfection. They can also provide you with inspiration and ideas for things like new materials and innovative ways to add value to your property. When hiring landscape design services, there are a few things you can expect from them and the process. To get the most out of the process, you should ask a few questions.

Do they cover all possible landscape installations?

When you hire a landscape design service, you should expect them to cover all possible installations, from basic garden design to hardscaping and even water features. Be sure to ask the company what services they offer so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Are they familiar with the seasonal landscape cycle in my area?

Landscape installation and maintenance are heavily influenced by the local climate and seasonal changes. A professional landscape design service should be familiar with the climate and seasonal cycle in your area and be able to provide recommendations on how best to take advantage of these changes.

Does the company offer a complete end-to-end service?

If you’re looking to completely redesign and upgrade your outdoor space, you should make sure the landscape design service you choose can provide a complete end-to-end service. This includes everything from the initial consultation and design to the installation and ongoing maintenance.

Typical Hiring Process Steps

When you hire a landscape design service, you can expect them to follow a certain process. This typically includes four steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: During the initial consultation, the landscape design service will get to know you and your property and discuss your vision for the outdoor space.
  2. Design: The landscape designer will then create a design based on your vision. This will include an overview of the project, as well as sketches and other visuals to help you get an idea of what the completed project will look like.
  3. Quote: Once the design is complete, the landscape design service will provide you with a quote that outlines the cost of the project.
  4. Installation: The landscape design service will then begin the installation process, which can include anything from removing existing landscaping to installing new plants, trees, and hardscaping.

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