Retaining Walls, Stone Patios, Brick Pavers and Gravel Walkways create beautiful and functional Hardscaped Spaces

Hardscape and retaining walls from Picture Perfect bring character and functionality to outdoor spaces in residential and commercial properties. Our professional landscaping team is fully equipped to transform any type of landscape into a flowing rendition of beauty, form, and function that retains its glory for many years.


We apply your vision and our architectural skills to design patios and walkways that not only improve functionality but also accentuate your property’s architecture. We use high-quality pavers or natural stones that come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to add dimension to the overall look of your property and to match your personal taste. The look of distinction that pavers bring to a property is undeniable.

Our designers help you develop a vision for your walkways, patios, and outdoor areas through a selection of different types of hardscaping including;

  • Paver walkways and patios
  • Flagstone walkways and patios
  • Fireplaces
  • Modular block walls
  • Dry stack walls
  • Slate or gravel chip pathways
  • Masonry fire pits
  • Stone edging for plant beds
  • Natural stone treads dimensional cut to create uniform steps
  • Gravel walkways 

Our passionate designers will offer complimentary advice on how you can incorporate different aspects into your design to give your property the appeal and practicality it deserves.

Retaining Walls

With so many options, we apply a “function follows form” approach to designing and constructing retaining walls. After a thorough site analysis, we evaluate all the different situations that require retaining walls. These include;

  • Non-critical walls that provide architectural depth to your property such as outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor built-in kitchens, sitting areas and many more.
  • Critical walls that retain soil in steep slopes on the landscape to support steps and prevent erosion.

We consider the uses and limitations of a wide variety of materials to construct the right size and style of retaining wall for each application.

Depending on the application and size of the wall material options can include;

  • Natural stone
  • Wood
  • Pre-cast Blocks

Regardless of the application, from steps and pillars to fire pits and sitting walls, we ensure that your vision is realized. We also make sure that your retaining walls include proper dimensions, drainage and design to serve you for many years.

Key Benefits of Hardscaping and Retaining Walls from Picture Perfect

  • Extend your property with a beautiful landscape
  • Recoup your investment through increased property value
  • Custom designs that make your property stand out
  • Dedicated in-house crew and team of designers

We pride ourselves in building landscapes that exceed customer expectations in both form and function. Contact us today for a custom design that will truly transform your landscape.

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