Landscape Design Ideas you can implement now

July 3, 2017
Landscape Design Ideas you can implement now | Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape
August 7, 2017

Landscape Design Ideas

When the heat hits heavy in late summer, you may start feeling you need some changes in your landscape design to make your garden an inviting place no matter what the weather.  Here are some ideas:

Plant Flowering Perennials

If your yard needs more color, you might want to add some flowers in strategic places like by your mailbox, near your front door or next to your patio.  Here are some good choices:

  • Esperanza: large yellow trumpet shaped flowers.
  • Purple coneflower: purple daisy-like flowers.
  • Roses like Joseph’s Coat or Blaze.
  • Salvia: spiking flowers which come in both red and purple.

Add a Border

Your planting beds will look more attractive with a border that separates them from your lawn.  Consider using:

  • River rocks.
  • Limestone blocks.
  • Concrete edging.
  • Perennial plants like Ruellia.

Construct a Water Feature

One great way to make your landscape more enjoyable in the warm weather is to have the sound of flowing water.  A water feature adds tranquility, ambiance, and reflection to your garden. The Woodway Arboretum has many good examples of water features such as:

  • Flowing rocks into a pond.
  • Statuary water features.
  • Birdbath fountains.
  • Container water bubblers
  • Ponds.

Create a Seating Area

Add value to your landscape design for your family and visitors by putting scattered seating areas in your front and back yard to invite people to sit and watch the birds, read a book or chat with a friend over coffee. Create a private nook by using:

  • Stones, pebbles, slate, limestone or bark on the ground.
  • Two chairs or benches with a table.
  • A few pots filled with flowers to create a focal point.

Add a Fire Pit

Firing up the oven just heats up the house.  Using a built-in barbeque or a fire pit for dinner makes sense in the Texas heat.  Even better, a fire pit is a great way for kids and adults to enjoy making S’mores or roasting hot dogs. Not sure you want a large fire pit? Consider getting a chiminea and making it a centerpiece of a patio area with chairs around it.

Get Help from a Landscape Design Expert

Need some help with more landscape design ideas for late summer? Contact a professional landscaper for tips and help in making your dream landscape a reality.