Five Tips to Help Your Fall Landscape Lighting Installation Go Smoothly…
July 8, 2022
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Five Tips to Help Your Fall Landscape Lighting Installation Go Smoothly

With shorter days and longer nights, fall and winter are the perfect time for an amazing landscape lighting installation in Waco! Outdoor lighting can make your house look like a work of art – and it also helps increase security for your home as well!

If you’re looking at landscape lighting installation, there are a few important things to keep in mind for the best results, and the experts at Picture Perfect Lawn & Landscape are here to help!

How To Ensure Your Waco Landscape Lighting Installation Goes Smoothly

1 – Make sure all wiring is properly buried

All wiring to your landscape lighting needs to be buried at least six inches deep. If you have existing lighting, it’s a good idea to trace the wires and be certain that none have become exposed over the course of the year. Then make sure any new wires are buried deeply enough that they won’t be disturbed by the weather in the upcoming year.

2 – Dim tree lights after leaves fall

During autumn, dramatic lighting on your trees will really highlight the beautiful fall colors. However, if you have trees which lose their leaves, you want to dial back on those lights so they aren’t highlighting bare limbs.

(But keep the trees lit for Halloween; it makes a spooky effect!)

3 – Add some path lighting

Do you have lights clearly showing the path to your door from the sidewalk or driveway? This is one of the best uses for landscape lighting, being both beautiful and practical. It’s particularly important in fall and winter since the ground outside can be slippery.

4 – Do a checkup and maintenance on the power system

A year of exposure to the elements can start to wear down even the best outdoor transformer and power system. Check for any exposed or fraying wires and tighten all the screws on the transformer so it stays in place.

5 – Remember to update your timer

When it’s time for the clocks to “fall back” to regular time, don’t forget to update your lighting timer to match. Otherwise, your lighting will be mistimed.

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